Aloha Spirit

The “Aloha Spirit“ stands for harmony, helpfulness and hospitality. It is more than a greeting, it is a way of life which we have adopted as our company philosophy.
We’d like to create a positive atmosphere for business partners, employees and customers alike. To achieve this, we promote an open-door policy as well as respect and tolerance towards each other. Aloha is our way to well-being and success.

Aloha Spirit Aloha Spirit


Pono translated, is closest to the meaning of justice and fairness towards everyone. It’s striving to be in perfect balance with all things in life.
Our aspiration is to create happy long-term relationships with everyone – starting in our team and reaching out all the way to our partners and customers.

Pono Pono


His three eyes are looking into the past, the future and the present. He is the god of destruction and at the same time a great protector. He reflects the evil in order to shield us from demons and ghosts.
Mahakala promotes a healthy relation of every human being towards him or herself and towards others. At Wailua, we want to constantly develop ourselves, learn from the past to straighten out the way into a bright future.

Mahakala Mahakala

Tiki God "Kane"

Kane is the god of all creations, sunlight, drinking water and of the forests.
Through respect of mother nature and her resources we want to achieve sustainability at our location. We drive shorter trips with our electric company car. From our coffee to our electricity supply: we trust in organically grown and fairly treated supplies.

Tiki God Tiki God