Our Aspirations

Perfection and long-term experience are the base of both all our products and the whole production chain. Each item hast o pass a quality control before leaving our house. We produce 100% made in germany and choose partners offering fairtrade whenever possible.

Textilveredelung Allgemeines Textilveredelung Allgemeines Hintergrund

Our concept

Textilveredelung Direkteinstickung

Direct embroidery

Embroidery is always a sign of quality. The advantage of using such is represented in its high durability, washability and light resistence. With a choice out of 800 colors, barely any wishes are left open.

Textilveredelung Embleme


As an alternative to direct embroidery one can choose the emblem embroidery. The so called patches, offer the advantage of creating emblems and logos independent of the texture of your textiles. They can be produced in any number and subsequently be put onto a carrier material. We can provide you with name tags, flame resistant emblems and more – with our patches you can stay flexible when individualizing your textiles.

Textilveredelung Transferdruck

Transfer printing

Transfer Printing is a cost-effient way to finish textiles in greater numbers. It persuades with wash resistance while you can choose fotorealistic prints or color gradients. In the process of creating a transfer, the motive is firstly being printed onto a carrier foil and then being heat-pressed onto the textile using a transferpress.

Textilveredelung Siebdruck

Screen printing

Screen printing offers an almost unlimited number of design/creative possibilities with plenty of colors and a strong light resistance. Even picture-like prints are feasible. Especially when bigger amounts are needed this is a desireable procedure due to it’s excellent color brilliance and durability. When creating a screen print, print color is being poured though an opening on a printing template from which it filters onto the textile underneath.